CodeMash Recap

I can’t honestly call this a recap or an overview because there is just too much good stuff to do CodeMash proper justice. And I clearly waited too long to do a ‘best of’ or ‘highlights’ post. However, after attempting to give a recap of CodeMash to my fellow CSGers, I had a list of talking points and recommended resources that shouldn’t be put to waste. I’m omitting the two mini-demos that I gave during my recap: git-bisect and BDD/Cucumber. So you’ll have to research those on your own. Seriously, go try git-bisect. It’s cool.

So it was clearly impossible to recap 72 hours of awesome in 1 hour. Not to mention the drinking, water slides, etc. So here are a few resources you ought to check out while you’re sitting on the couch with your wife suffering through American Idol this season.

Reasons why CodeMash is awesome

  1. The tiki hut/bars.
  2. Waterslides. In Sandusky. In January.
  3. Hot-tub snowball fights; lacking only a time machine.
  4. Aside from the numerous presentations, there are great open spaces that spring up. These lead to great discussions and they’re completely ad-hoc. I participated in one covering node.js (check out the #nodemash tag on Twitter)
  5. You’ll see people pairing all over the place in corners, empty rooms, hallway couches. They’re working on mini-projects, trying out demos, and generally experimenting; usually inspired by a talk, keynote, or open space.
  6. You can attend a deep dive on Parallel Programming in .NET and then see an intro to UX design, followed by BDD with Cucumber, topped off with HTML5 and offline webdev. One of the best things about CodeMash is the range of languages, platforms, and technologies. You can meet people doing awesome stuff in Java or Flex, and pick up a few testing tricks from the Ruby dudes. Even within just the .NET world, there was VB, C#, F#, and IronRuby.
  7. Did I mention the after-parties?

Things to check out

If you’re interested in going next year, be prepared. They sold out in just 3 days this year. That’s right: the conference itself lasted longer than the ticket sales.

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