Google Calendar > Lotus Notes

Are you forced to use Lotus Notes at work? Do you prefer Google Calendar? Would you like to have your Lotus Notes calendar synced to your Google calendar? Solution: CalSync!

CalSync is a great little utility that runs in the background and automatically syncs your Lotus Notes calendar with Google Calendar. You can download it from SourceForge. It’s a standalone application that doesn’t require installation. Simply extract the zip file into a directory of your choosing and open the executable. You’ll need to provide you Lotus Notes account information, as well as your Google account information. (I recommend using Google’s 2-factor authentication and setting up an application-specific password for CalSync.)

screenshot of calsync account info dialog

After providing your account information, you can configure how you would like it to sync with Google Calendar. Personally, I recommend creating a new Google Calendar that is dedicated to syncing with your Lotus Notes calendar.


There are plenty of additional configuration options to customize how/when your calendar items are synced. And, of course, to have it start with windows, simply add a shortcut to CalSync to your Startup folder. Now you can get your Lotus Notes work calendar on your smartphone via Google!

One thought on “Google Calendar > Lotus Notes”

  1. To sync with Google is a good choice also if you have an Android phone. So you can sync Notes with Google and your google account will sync with Android.

    I haven’t been able to find a free or open source tool that can sync the Lotus Notes contacts to Google. (only the calendar)

    Sure you can do this with Lotus Notes Traveler, but requires more infrastructure.

    Companionlink does a great job syncronizing Calendar and contacts but you had to pay for it.

    It will be better to have something more integrated to the Lotus Notes replicator. That from the replicator it can sync directly to you Google Account, but I haven’t seen anything like that arround.

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